The only proven non-occlusive bypass technique in Neurosurgery

Elana bv develops and manufactures medical devices for bypass surgery. The animation illustrates the ELANA Bypass, invented by the UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Elana procedure is designed to make traditional bypass procedures safer and easier, and to enable minimally-invasive bypass surgery. The medical devices are marketed by our company and are available in the Elana Surgical Kit.

The ELANA Bypass: an animation:

ELANA: 2005 – Now, years of life saving surgery

This video shows the highlights of our company, including extracts of ABC News and Fox News, front page and photo’s of the New York Times, and new developments.


Brain Technology Institute

As of January 1st 2013 Elana bv has become part of the newly founded Brain Technology Institute (BTI). Founding partners UMC Utrecht (NL), University Hospital Zurich (CH) and the Toronto University Health Network (CA) established the non-profit organisation BTI in 2013 because of a desire to have an Institute that focuses on centralizing the knowledge, research and development of new products and technologies in the field of rare neurosurgical diseases.

Elana will continue the manufacturing of the Elana Surgical Kit. Together with  BTI it will continue to research and develop new technologies for neurosurgeons and be engaged in education in this field.